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I have not been to the dentist for 4 years, now I have an appointment I’m very worried, can you help?

Hello Simon.. I had never considered myself to be scared of going to the dentist or anything like this until ‘I realised I had not been for bout four years!!! I am worried that when I go and make an appointment they were going to judge me and make me feel horrible for not going oover this duration of time. for this reason I got somebody else to make the appointment for me. the issue i am now having that has to me highlighted the need to come on here is that nearer I get to the date the more it dominates my mind its like the run up to christmas when your young but the other way around, I dont know what to the appointments is only in a week and I’m worried i’ll try to talk myself out of it on the day. please help it dominates my thoughts at the minute how could I stop this happening.

Please rest assured lots of people don’t see a dentist for years at a time – it really is not unusual at all. I have many patients who only visit once in a while and they never feel embarrased about it, it’s just one of those things.
I am sure your dentist will be pleased to see you, and hopefully will give you the all clear. Certainly he or she would not be judging you, and will only have your best interests at heart.
Hopefully once you have seen your dentist you will realise that you have been unduly worried, but will try to attend again in a shorter time than another 4 years!

If it helps you could call the practice and ask the receptionist or nurse to make the dentist aware of your concerns, as they will probably not realise how you feel unless you tell someone. Don’t feel uncomfortable to do this, the dental team are there to help you and not to judge you!

I hope this helps,

Very best wishes


Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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