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I need to have a tooth removed but I have a fear of needles, is there any way I can avoid having an injection?

hello Dr Pinder

can you have sedation without having to have any needles? I really do hate injections of any kind, but i am also (annoyingly) terrified of the dentists, but current pains in the back of my mouth will probably mean that a tooth has to come out. I would prefer to be sedated for the treatment but do not want needles, if it possible to be sedated in an other way?

thank you

The only way to completely avoid needles is to have a general anaesthetic with a gas and air induction .That is probably not a realistic option .
Some forms of sedation help a person to be sedated before being given the injection in the gum . Those might be gas and air , Oral temazepam , or intra nasal midazolam .
Most dentists who carry out sedation have come across people who dislike needles and will help you to get through it .
You need to find out if that tooth really does need to come out
Good luck

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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