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I seem to have a mental block that stops me going further than browsing the internet for treatment, what should I do?

Hi Miss Pinder I have been struggling with the dentist all my life and have always accepted any treatment with a real lack of acceptance if you will. There’s currently nothing medicall wrong with my teeth but I want a nicer smile and have looked at cosmetic dentistry. I have read that ‘this and that’ (with regards to treatments) aren’t to bad etc. I like the look of it and really want to give it a go, I don’t know exactly what I’ll need, could just be whitening and a brace but I seem to have mental block that means looking on websites is about as advanced as i’ll get in the process. where should I/could I start in trying to get a go at it? thanks Dr

what a positive step you’ve taken in exploring the net for cosmetic dentistry .
Do you have a regular dentist that you could ask about teeth whitening?
That would be a good first step , and is a non invasive treatment that makes most people feel better about their teeth .
If you want straightening then you would need to find a specialist in straightening teeth for adults.
look up invisalign , inman aligner .
finding out the options for your particular case gives you knowledge but doesnt commit you to doing anything else .
So give it a go .

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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