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I want to have all my teeth taken out


I am 58 years old, and I have had a phobic of dentists for years, the last time I went, I had an infection and the dentist was not very nice, I have decided I would like all my teeth out, they are bad, and have dentures, is this costly, and can it be done under General Anaesthetic.

Kind regards 

Hello, You need to see a dentist to see if you need all of your teeth out or just some of them and partial dentures .
NHS on benefits , costs nothing ,
NHS with dentures , the maximum fee is about £300 but Im not exactly sure this is a rough figure .
Private dentures also vary in cost , and you would need to get some prices from dentists . Not all dentists like doing full dentures .
Its possible to get IV sedation to have extractions without too much difficulty .
However you can only have a GA in a hospital , and its not easy to get that co-ordinated with having the dentures fitted if they are going to be put in as ‘immediate ‘ dentures when the teeth are taken out .
A small number of people opt to have the teeth removed and the dentures made after a few weeks ( not common ! )
Also Clinical Dental Technicians ( CDTS ) can make dentures directly to the public when the gums have healed , but check they are registered and qualified .
Hope this helps

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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