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I’m afraid of needles, but I think I need a tooth extracting, what can I do?

hello doctor I have not been to the dentist for some time now as I am uncomfortable with them,   My problem with the dentist stems from my discomfort with needles and obivously with many dental treatments needles are required. I have a pain in one of my tooth, which i feel will probably need removing as i can feel a hole in it with my tongue. Can you recommend anything which will help with my fear of needles?

thank you

Hi, don’t worry your not the only one with such a fear, and we along with many other dental surgeons/experts are here to help. Are you afraid of needles in your gum , or generally in your body ?
Don’t assume you will need an extraction until a dentist has seen it .however needles are generally unavoidable as you say .
A dentist can use a numbing gel first , then use a technique for giving injections without pain .
Take a look at for some help with your fear
Good luck

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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