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Is dental phobia hereditary?

Hi I was wondering whether it was possible to pass on/inherit dental phobia? i figured its a mental thing and that there could be a possibility of doing it? my son is 13 and currently cannot stand the dentists, he gets real anxiety before he goes and is restless when he’s there, I remember being about that age and had exactly the same problems. I am now over my fear, as the dentist I had used to offer me rewards if i didn’t kick off etc. I have been told about distraction techniques and wondered how that worked, to try and use it for him? thanks for taking the time to read this message.

Dental Phobia is not inherited , but children can pick up vibes from parents if they are fearful or avoid dentists . Parents may infer that dentistry is painful or something to fear , or tell about their own experiences .
I do think you should just be supportive when he goes ,he is at least attending even if hes anxious about it .With time this may improve as he matures , but some people always seem to have a tendency to be anxious about dentistry for no obvious reasons

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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