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Is it possible to have a tooth extracted without the use of needles?

hello Jennifer :-) I amassed the courage to pop to the dentist yesterday morning! it took a lot of doing as my nerves get the better of me, I’ll be stood in my house pacing, deciding whether to go and more often than not ive walked right to the shop- past the dentist, and bought some things then gone home. the other day though I forced myself in and was instantly reminded why I hadn’t been, I sat trying to regulate my breathing and be calm, the dentist though when I was in the treatment room identified a tooth that needs pulling and has subsequently booked and appointment where I can have this done. Terrified is not the word! I was always a little apprehensive of the dentist but never as much as I was of needles! will I have to encounter a needle at some point when having a tooth extracted or are there other ways of doing whatever it is the needle is there to achieve? any help would be amazing than you so much

No it’s not possible to have a tooth out without a local anaesthetic , only if you have a general anaesthetic.
The needle is there to make the tooth numb to make the procedure possible .
Are you afraid of needles generally , or specifically in your mouth .
If its dental then tell the dentist how you feel , lots of dentists use numbing gel first .
Also a mild sedative might help you to cope with it if you ask the dentist before the appointment .
Perhaps get someone to go with you .
I hope you manage to get this sorted to build on the courage you’ve shown so far

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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