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I’ve not been to the dentist for two years. Could anything in particular have occurred in that time?

hi Dr, I have put off going to the dentist for a long time (since the end of 2009) because I cannot stand the places, I’m constantly told there a people like myself but that has never made it easier- makes it worse because i then know its not my own isolated case, however having not been for so long i obviously havent been exposed to the professional treatment/care i was wondering is there any problems could of occurred in a mean time? as in what problems could potentially occur as a result? my teeth seem to be OK apart from a few of them together have been tingling for the last couple of days, just wanted to know what this could potentially be a symptom of or whether its nothing and will pass? I will book myself into a dentist at some point, I will force myself however in a mean time do you think this could be serious?

The questions you ask can’t be answered without getting yourself examined by a dentist .
That will give you an idea of the real condition of your teeth , so you then have a choice what to do next .
You may feel uncomfortable about going to a dental practice , but you will be able to stand it .Your first visit should only be for an examination and x rays , which is not invasive, and you should just talk to the dentist.
Actually 2 years is not so long since your last appointment , a lot of non phobics only go every 2 years or so .
I hope you get there soon so you can stop imagining the worst

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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