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I’ve not been to the dentist in 17 years but a tooth that broke in half 5 years ago is aching. Can I have sedation for necessary treatment?

i have not been to a dentist in 17 years due to an immense fear but have had severe toothache for 5 days with a tooth that broke in half a year ago and have got to see a dentist tomorrow I feel really embarrassed about the whole situation.will i be able to have the tooth extracted under sedation and how long will i have to wait for this to be done as i think i am personnaly keeping nuerofen in buissines but the fear of the dentist is overwhelming

you’ll probably be given antibiotics to buy you time to find a facility to get sedation, don’t be embarrassed this happens to many people .It depends whether you want to be treated on the NHS , as this can and usually does take longer to arrange .
Its certainly possible to have this , but you may feel you can let a dentist do it under a local anesthetic ( perhaps with oral sedation ) if you want to get rid of the problem very quickly

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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