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My dentist said all of my teeth have to be extracted and the thought of this has really scared me, please help!

I have a dental phobia, I am so embarrassed and feel so stupid but this is affecting my life so bad
I havent visited the dentists in a long long time and my mouth is such a mess,im scared I did ask my gp for help but they just said see a dentists so im in a catch 22 situation. I have had nothing but trouble from past treatments and now have lost the front crown and post and the other front tooth and crowns attached posts are showing and bridge is loose .I cant go out and just avoid people because i cant open my mouth in front of them anymore i dont know what to do ,i did go to the dentist in the past and the teeth were crowned because i had to have the tooth next to my front one removed as the dentists who filled it forgot to clean it first resulting in the loss of that tooth,i was given a plate with on tooth but it was irritating so the dentist suggesting crowing all front top teeth and using a bridge and after that I had nothing but problems. The last time I went to a dentist he just turned round and said nothing can be done with those they all need to come out ,well that was that that was my biggest fear false teeth because i know how bad one was,but now i am without a front tooth the others are loose with posts and i dont have a life anymore I have no life ,i dont go out anymore it affects my relationship with my husband i cant let him near me because of the way i feel about how i look because of my teeth and lack of.I dont have any confidence anymore i was doing a law degree and wanted to go back but i cant do that now i cant do anything because this is something that not only I can see everyone i meet can see it too.

im just existing im so embarrassed please can you help me .

I so sorry things have got to this stage for you , you must be suffering so much .
Nothing can change until you take some action unfortunately .
I see patients with a similar story to yours often .
For some, having dentures is actually a blessed relief , often only a top one is needed first .
Freedom from pain and disintegrating teeth , freedom from bad breath , and being able to smile agin with confidence can come with having the courage to face up to your fears.
Go to www.dentalfearcentral .org to find support from other sufferers who have succeeded or who are starting on the journey to healing .
There are dentists on there who are suggested by satisfied customers .
Your dr should be able to refer you for CBT psychological help in your area if needed as well .
I’m not sure where you live so can’t be more specific
Hope this helps

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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