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My tooth is loose and my lip is swollen

Hi, I’ve had really bad teeth for years and since I’ve moved about four years ago I haven’t been to the dentist, well I haven’t got a dentist at the moment.. and now my front teeth are playing up. I smoke so I’m sure that does not help things, but my lip is swollen my tooth is loose and I have blood when I brush my teeth, I have earache and the reattach of my teeth are starting to hurt, I have a huge fear of the dentist I think that’s part of the reason why I haven’t got a new one since I’ve moved, I need help asap! What should I do??? Thanks.

Well there is only one answer here . You need to see a dentist urgently to at least get some antibiotics ( if appropriate ) . The tooth may well get looser and perhaps fall out .Smoking doesnt help but its not the cause of the problem .
The tooth possibly needs to come out , and the pain wont go away without something happening .
Hope you find the courage to find a dentist, even an emergency dentist

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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