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Should I have fillings the day before my holiday?

Hello Dr Pinder,

I recently went to the dentist because I’ve started to feel pain in one of my teeth. Turns out I’ll need 5 fillings in my teeth. The soonest appointment available is the day before I fly for my 2 weeks holiday. Is it advisable to have the procedure done so close to the flight? And if not, is it advisable to leave it another 2 weeks and risk needing a root canal? Thank you for your time. 

Difficult to predict without knowing the condition of the pain giving tooth
It could go either way .
If it’s done before the holiday it may give problems after if it’s a deep hole , or if it’s not deep may solve the problem
Waiting two weeks will not make it more likely to need a root filling in that time span .
If a hole is deep and giving pain then it may ultimately need a root filling anyway
Ask the practice To ask the dentist who has seen the tooth what their assessment is , they should be willing to discuss it with you

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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