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What can I do about my fear of needles?

I am terrified of the dentist especailly the needles, i keep cancelling appointments even though i want to go, what can i do to try get over this? my family are getting fed up with me and its making me feel worst. what can i do

Firstly is your needle phobia about needles in the gum , or about needles in general ?
Have you been to the dentist to find out what you need , and does that involve having an injection ?
Dental Injections can be given much more comfortably these days with the use of topical gels , and something like the Wand .
Go to for some descriptions , perhaps try to find a dentist that uses this as they have the right attitude .
Also connect with they have some good literature and you can share with other people in your situation .
Some people are so phobic of injections that they need some help from a Clinical Psychologist , your GP may be able to help with a referral /

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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