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What caused my reaction to the anaesthetic?

Hi I have very bad phobia and my last visit was to a specialist dentist . I had 6 injections. Was told to go downstairs while they started to work and immediately felt strange as i started walking downstairs needing air .walked through door and collapsed involuntarily where I as being very sick and my eyes rolled to the back of my head. Is this the fear or a reaction to the anaesthetic? i was taken to a room where whenever they tried to get me to sit up-resulted in me feeling lightheaded and being sick again.this lasted for almost 2 hours . then i was allowed home.

Im sorry that you have had this nasty experience .
From what you describe its a vaso vagal attack the symptoms of which are exactly what you describe .
Its very unpleasant and frightening , but its unlikely to occur again .
The reaction may have been compounded by your anxiety .
My thoughts are 1. It might be better just to have a small amount of treatment requiring just one or two cartidges of anaesthetic next time , possibly asking for a sedative tablet to help your anxiety .
You need to tell anyone treating you that you have had this problem , and in no circumstances should you leave the dental chair immediately after the injection has been given , or be left alone . That is in any case and should be normal practice .
If you are given the injection in a position with your head below your feet and squeeze something in both hands during the administration this can help people who have a history of fainting , and might help you .

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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