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What do you think about waterlase?

Hello Dr Pinder, I just wanted your opinion on Waterlase. I have suffered with gum disease and have had to have cleaning treatments and even surgery and was left in great pain, both during and after the treatment. I fear due to my diabetes that my gum disease is slowly creeping back and it fills me with dread to think of all the procedures I went through last time. I really like the idea of waterlase treatment, but just wanted to know if it was as successful and painfree as they say it is. What is your opinion on the device?

Many thanks for your time on this matter.

Hello .
The first thing you need to do is get an opinion from a gum specialist , or a dentist who takes an interest in gum conditions .
If you’ve had surgery already then your gum disease may be quite advanced .
Its very important that your cleaning removes any dental plaque ( biofilm ) very effectively , or all treatment will eventually fail .
Waterlase may be a less traumatic way to have cleaning treatment , but the evidence is that its no more effective long term than normal cleaning methods .
Its important that you make sure your dentist or hygienist uses good pain control methods to help you get cleaning done without discomfort, and gives advice about pain control for afterwards , that would apply to waterlase as well
Personally I think its a good idea , but the equipment is very costly so only a few dentists have it ..

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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