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What drugs are given during dental treatments?

I used to be given vallium when I went to the dentist but my dentist wont do it anymore and I am finding it impossible to find a dentist that still uses vallium the other drug that they use would mean not being able to drink anything for up to 2 hours before the appointment but with my current diabetes medication I am suffer terrible nausea and the only way I get through that is by drinking water every couple of minutes when my dentist used vallium a was still able to drink water every couple of minutes but now I dont know what to do why dont they use vallium anymore?

your question is not very clear , but Ill try to give some help .
Do you mean intravenous valium ? or tablets .
I dont know of any drug that a dentist uses that means
that you cant have a drink of anything for 2 hours . That used to apply to general anaesthstics but doesnt apply to anything else .
Im not sure what diabetes medication you are on , but again there is no reason why you shouldnt sip water . although it makes it very difficult for the dentist to work if you are having to sip water every couple of minutes .
A medication that makes you feel sick like that may not be the right one for you . I am not qualified to give medical advice , but I am a diabetic of 12 years , and know that there are many different drugs available now to choose from .
I suggest you discuss this with your diabetes provider .
Valium tablets are still used , but Intravenous hypnovel has superceded valium and is a better choice of drug ,

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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