What Happens During a Surgical Extraction?
11th April 2016

My dentist couldn't extract my tooth last week as it kept breaking and they have referred me for a surgical extraction. I am so nervous, I was shaking like a leaf whilst my dentist was trying to take it out last week and I'm terrified of it happening during the surgical extraction. It's being done under local anaesthetic. I also had a panic attack afterwards. The dentist was lovely and very caring, but I'm worried about what will happen with the oral surgeon. I try so hard to stay in control and not get so anxious but my body just takes over and shakes. I feel so stupid. What happens at a surgical extraction and is there anything I can do to help me cope?

A. Hello. The extraction procedure done by the oral surgeon will be quite similar. They are highly skilled at getting difficult teeth out and sometimes it is actually easier on the second attempt. You could ask for a sedative tablet, but you should ring the clinic or practice and ask if they could do that, or even IV sedation . It sounds likely that you will be very anxious before this due to the difficult first try. Hope this helps, Jenny.

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Dr Jennifer Pinder

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