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What Help Is Available for Difficulties with Impressions?

I spoke to your receptionist who suggested I email you. I broke a tooth last April when I was abroad and the dentist put a temporary cover on it. She said I would need a crown. I moved recently and even though I am signed up with an NHS dentist, I have not yet had any work done by him. I have chronic catarrh and feel like I am choking all the time when I lean back. Plus I absolutely hate the thing that is put in the mouth to take an impression and my last dentist, who I was with for 25 years, said some dentists put one in the top and bottom at the same time. In the meantime, the temporary filling has come off again and I must get this sorted and even though I am not privately insured, I was wondering if you were able to help reassure me about these difficulties and whether you would be prepared to do a one-off job.

I’m sorry you are having difficulties. I would have to assess you before I could commit to doing anything for you. If you do need a crown then I can do that. The type of difficulties you have with having impressions can be overcome in different ways. I have quite a few patients who have problems with gagging and choking feelings.
We often take moulds for a single crown on a back tooth using a small half tray, which does the job of the bite and the upper lower mould at once and is much more manageable than the full trays.
My consultation fee is £98 and includes any small X-ray films and I would give you a quotation at that stage. I can’t do more than that without seeing whats needed. Kind regards, Jenny.

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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