Why Do So Many People Have Dental Phobia?
29th September 2016

Hello, Thank you for taking your time to read my questions. I just wanted to get an expert's opinion on some questions I have about dental phobia. My questions are 1) Why do you think so many people have dental phobia/what are the main causes? 2)What training is being given to dentists to help the problem? 3) How do you think the media affects the perception of dentists? 4)What do you think are the best solutions to the problem?  Thank you for your help and I look forward to hearing from you.

A. Hi, I am not sure whether you are a phobic patient or not? These questions have answers which are partly my opinion.They can't really be addressed in a simple Q and A session.  If you want fuller answers, you can contact me through my website where the e- mail address is.  Hope this helps, Jenny.

Dental Phobia

Dr Jennifer Pinder - Retired

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