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Will fillings at the tops of my teeth be really visible?

Dear Simon, I noticed that on my top canines and premolars that the gum and enamel were not meeting, there is a space of dentin/root exposed that is very sensitive. I have spoken to dentists and periodontists and they said it needs a filling. It’s not decayed but they think possibly that it is partly an abfraction as well as I do grind my teeth. It’s so frustrating as I’m only 25, I look at other people’s teeth who are my age and none of them have this problem!! I’m so concerned that the filling would be really visible, I haven’t smiled properly in a year and I want to be able to smile again. Can white fillings be made to look invisible? Would I need to get veneers in order to get the right result? I really don’t want to as I like the shape of my teeth!


The good news is white fillings can indeed be made to look invisible. I would suggest you talk this through with your dentist, and try to avoid veneers if at all possible. I strongly believe in trying the simplest thing first.

Good luck.


Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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