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Would I be suitable for dental implants as I have dental phobia?

I have a top denture with 9 teeth on it and 4 of my own teeth as well as the root of a 5th tooth, which was left in due to my dental phobia. I would like to know if i would be able to have proper teeth again eg. implants as I hate the fact I have a denture. My self confidence has plummeted due to this even more now since I also have Parkinson’s and at times the amount of saliva that gathers in my mouth is a problem and it makes the denture feel insecure. The long and short of it is i am 45 yrs old, terrified of the dentist and hate smiling as I feel everyone knows my teeth could fallout at any time. Please could you help and also how much do you think it would be if i could have the above fixed? with thanks

I’m sorry you are having to struggle with this as well as Parkinsons , it must be very difficult .
If your illness was not a factor then it would probably be possible for you to have some implants . I have had some patients with very severe dental phobias who have done this , They have been able to have sedation to have the implants placed .
It really depends on several things .
1. your medical history , if you are assessed for implants then the person who was going to do them would consider very carefully the suitability of having them for you .
2. The salivation may be aggravated by your parkinsons , coupled with the denture .
3. could you explore getting a better fitting plate?
4, Implant are expensive , with a range of fees depending on where you go to get them . I couldnt give you any estimates , but the person I refer to charges £2500 per implant plus crown , with some extra bits for consultation , special scans .
They are only available on the NHS in Dental Hospitals , and are almost impossible to get .
I hope this helps a bit

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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