Dr Steven Maskill
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  • Dr Steven Maskill
  • BDS Manc 1987
  • GDC: 62565
  • Sedation
  • Certified for +5 years
  • Certified until 1st July 2020
Dental Phobia


59 Bury Old Road,
M25 0FG

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Carole kilford on 21st December 2016

The most helpful people on the planet . Helped me with fear and my nerves,hardly felt anything painful .so gentle and kind.a friend recommended me and I had an appointment the next day .

Jacquelineprice on 11th January 2016

Would highly recommend.Steven,and his team,ive not been to a dentist for,near on 30 year ,for really bad fear,but was put at ease straight away,and i"m nearly on my last visit,so happy with the service,never thought going to the dentist could be so nice!!.........Thank you so much !!

x on 5th May 2015

Fabulous dentist and a wonderful team. Nothing is too much trouble. Would highly recommend.

Alex on 20th May 2014

I noticed that they are advertising gentle sedation for patients with fear but I have been known to be so relaxed that I have dropped off and started snoring (bit embarrassing really but it shows how good the treatment is). Best Dentist by far and all the staff are great.

Sue on 23rd November 2012

I have had dental phobia all my life and, as a result ,I'd not been to a dentist for years because of my complete terror. The lack of care meant I had teeth that embarrassed me. Steve Maskill and the entire team at Oakley put me at ease from my very first consultation .I could immediately see that they were expert in treating phobic patients.Steven and his team prioritised making me feel relaxed , explaining each step of my treatment plan so I felt empowered and in control. After just two months of treatment ,I now feel able to go to Oakley for a check-up without someone with me.This has been a very important step for me. The standard of treatment is excellent.Oakley takes great pride in their services- the surgery has high quality surroundings , clearly communicated treatment plans with associated costs , and high calibre staff.This provides the reassurance that all patient need - whether dental phobic or not.

Edward Blake on 11th July 2012

For over twenty years I had been avoiding the dentist. In fact, I tried to completely put them out of my mind. Consequently as you can guess, the health of my teeth began to deteriorate. At first the deterioration was slow. A filling that fell out, the odd tingling pain here and there around the teeth. I was told by my dentist at the time, over twenty years ago, that I had a good set of teeth, good enough to last a lifetime, if I look after them and had regular dental check-ups. Why I developed this phobia I can only guess. Perhaps flashback to the big black gas mask I remember the dentist using as a child. Also, when I was young I remember my father returning from a trip to the dentist saying that he had passed out in pain. I suppose we all have some negative experiences from younger days as regards to dentists. Gradually my phobia grew worse. To relieve dental pain I would “pull” my own teeth. I would grip the offending tooth, gradually loosening it until it broke off, relieving the pain but leaving parts of the root in the gum. You can guess this lead to unsightly gaps in my side and back teeth. These unnatural fears of dentists lead to all sorts of fears connected with them. I could not even walk past a dentist practice without a feeling of distress. At the turn of this year I made a determined resolution to face my phobia. I read the “Dental Phobia” website and found that there were many people like me with this unfounded apprehensiveness of dentists. Realising I was not “alone” I looked on the website’s list of recommended dental practises that specialised in helping people with this fear. The nearest one to my home was the practice of Dr Steven Maskill (Oakley Dental) in Whitefield (Manchester). I then found the courage to make an appointment with Oakley Dental. Throughout the years of my fears I often thought that I could maybe go through with treatment, if I could only be treated at home. Well, that is what it is like at Steven’s (he likes to be called by his first name). He and his team make you feel so at ease and welcome. My fears somewhat evaporated as soon as I met them. I knew I had come to the right place. There were no embarrassing questions from Steven as to how my teeth came to be in such a state, just pure professionalism to get my teeth looking good again. I had the “full” works of treatments; seven extractions, a root canal and the preparation of four bridges, all the things I had always feared... All the treatment took place over a few months at my own pace, painlessly (sometimes with sedatives, but I was soon able to dispense with these as I realised that the sessions were in fact completely painless), with constant reassurance from Steven and his team. The result is that I am able to smile again with confidence, the first time in years. And for sure I will be returning to Steven’s practice on a regular basis for hygiene and six monthly check-ups carried out by Steven and his delightful team. Take my tip, do not waste time thinking about getting your teeth corrected. If “dental phobia” is your problem make an appointment now, not tomorrow, with Steven and his team at Oakley dental you will not regret it and it will change your life for the better.

Jean Palin on 11th July 2012

Dear Steve and all at Oakley, A big thank you for helping me to gain the confidence to attend the dentist again. Full of fear after a bad experience in the past and embarrassed by my teeth I had not been to a dentist for over 15 years. Believe me when I say I had to pluck up the courage to phone and it was the receptionist’s calm and reassuring manner that convinced me I could actually meet the dentist - thank you for getting me over my first fear. As for Steve - well what can I say except that you have a lovely way of putting people at ease and are so friendly that I soon realised I would trust you to sort out my teeth for many years to come (God willing). A big thank you for giving me my smile back. After bad experiences in the past and a full fear I hadn’t been near a dentist in 15 years. Now I have found Steve at Oakley Dental practice and he has shown me that there is a way to undergo treatment without having to hear the sound of a drill or experience any discomfort - things that put me off attending the dentist. I will always be an anxious patient but I know that I can attend regular check- ups and undergo any treatment required because I trust Steve and his team. See you in six months. Jean Palin