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Nottingham is one of the UK's major cities and is located in the East Midlands. Nottingham has a large student population and the University of Nottingham has an excellent reputation, consistently ranking amongst the top universities in the UK. Nottingham is famous for the legendary tale of Robin Hood and Sherwood Forest, which still attracts many visitors. The city also has two well-known football teams, Nottingham Forest and Notts County.

In addition to being one of the UK's most exciting cities, Nottingham also houses a number of fine dental practices. Dental services in Nottingham include general dentistry, oral hygiene and cosmetic services, with practices catering for private and NHS dental patients.

Nottingham has a host of certified dentists, who are able to assist those who are fearful of the dentist overcome their phobia and receive the dental care they require. This page aims to make it easier for patients with dental phobia to locate a dentist who has experience and expertise in treating patients with dental anxiety.

This is a widespread ailment which makes people very scared about travelling to the dentist. For many, the dread they feel is so great that they avoid going to a dentist for many years and this puts their oral and general health at risk.

Nottingham dental phobia dentists are able to offer a span of services to ease patient worries, including distraction techniques, sedation and NuCalm.

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