Real Patient Stories

Many patients have overcome their fears with the help of Dental Phobia certified dental professionals. Below are some examples of how gentle approaches to treatment have helped alleviate their fears and make dental treatment a comfortable experience.

Rachel – Patient of Dr John Mantel (32 Whites Dental Care)
03/6/16 10:48 AM

1. What was the reason for your dental phobia? When I was about 10 I had 4 teeth out in one go. I didn’t know about the needles that they used to numb your mouth, so it was quite a shock when it happened. At this time it wasn’t explained to me exactly what was […]

Marilyn Emes – Patient of Dr Richard Colebourne (Evesham Dental Health Team)
03/5/16 10:52 AM

What was the reason for your dental phobia? I remember one experience many years ago as a child, being told by the dentist to pull myself together or he wouldn’t do anything for me. The final bad experience that I had, at the age of 17, was when I had to have a wisdom tooth […]

Phil Martin – Patient of Dr Munther Sulieman (Merton Dental Centre)
03/4/16 10:55 AM

What was the reason for your dental phobia? My main fear of the dentist stems from when I was younger  my dad was diagnosed and subsequently died of leukaemia which he had battled for over two years during which time he  was subjected to many needles, it is this association that has left me with […]

Jenny Hill – Patient of Dr David Rudin (The Arnold Dental Centre)
03/3/16 10:59 AM

What was the reason for your dental phobia? I believe that my dental phobia arose from an experience when I was a child.  I went to the dentist and can remember being held down in the chair whilst the gas mask was placed over my mouth.  I can remember seeing the dentist and nurse leaning […]

Kate Howey – Patient of Dr Leila Johnson (Causeway Dental Practice)
03/2/16 11:04 AM

What was the reason for your dental phobia? I went to the dentist at the age of about 9yrs to have a tooth removed and ended up being pinned down by my mother, the nurse and the dentist had my head trapped between his legs to keep me still. At that age all I could […]