Anxiety UK

Anxiety UK offers a range of resources about anxiety disorders, with exclusive benefits for members.

Anxiety UK was established in 1970 by a sufferer of agoraphobia who, feeling disheartened with the response she had from her GP, felt there must be another way forward. Today the charity is still run by people who have ongoing personal experience of anxiety, retaining the organisation’s original ethos. The services offered by Anxiety UK have grown considerably, with face to face, phone and webcam therapy now offered throughout the country, as well as specialist phone services.

Their website,, offers a variety of resources to visitors.  This includes explanations and diagnosis of anxiety disorders according to the Diagnostic and Statistics Manual (IV) used by clinicians. The website also provides exclusive member areas.

Anxiety UK has an excellent support component, which helps those living with anxiety disorders by offering guidance, including a useful directory to self help groups and therapists in the UK.

The charity appeals to people of all ages and backgrounds who either have been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, or care for a loved one with an anxiety disorder. Their website is an accessible, helpful source of support and information for anyone with an anxiety disorder. For more information visit or ring the helpline on 08444 775 774 (Monday-Friday, 9:30-5:30).

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