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Pat Dunford

Patient of Dr Yasmin George (The Courtyard Clinic)
The Courtyard Clinic, 30 London Street, Chertsey, Surrey KT16 8AA
Tel: 01932 582 949
What was the reason for your dental phobia?
The reason for my dental phobia goes right back to me as a 3 year old! Believe it or not, I still remember the most awful experience of being held down by nurses, crying and struggling against a huge black rubber mask! Of course following that, I can only remember being frightened and not really remembering any kindness or understanding – the fear just grew over the years. I got round it by seeing dentists who offered IV drugs, I suppose similar to the sedation I receive now, but I am sure it was a deeper anaesthetic and probably against the law!
What made you decide to take the first step in contacting a dentist?
My overfilled teeth started to crack and the fear of not going to the dentist was as great at the fear of going! I found a practice in North Cheam who offered sedation for nervous patients, I attended the first time because I had broken a tooth and he just patched it with cement, that was in 2007. My last check up was October 2007 and I was told I needed two crowns. By this time the dentist who provided sedation had left the practice and I was to be referred on, I didn’t hear any more.
What made you choose the dentist / clinic that you did?
Then I broke another tooth, I became so anxious and worried I would get toothache and not be able to get it treated. In the end the fear of not going to the dentist must have become greater, so I Google’d ‘sedation dentist in Surrey’ – and here we are!
Describe your dental experience (from the initial contact, the first appointment, consultation and right through to the treatment including your feelings and anxieties throughout).
From the very first phone conversation with Sue to the initial check up with Yasmin, then right through the treatment with Joe taking care of me, I can honestly say the experience got better! I don’t even get anxious any more. I can’t say I have overcome my phobia – I get round it, with sedation. Can I say that 5 hours in the chair with a cushion and a blanket comfortably sleeping while the work goes on can only best be described as a very nice way to spend the afternoon! You are all so kind, I no longer feel like a silly child for making a fuss……………………. and just look at my lovely teeth now – thank you Yasmin I would advise anyone to take that big step and pick up the phone, go along to the practice for a chat and a look round. There is nothing to worry about. I am so pleased I made that call 14 months ago. As you know I am very happy to talk to any nervous patients – just pass on my number or call me and and I will make contact.

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